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January 23, 2024




Dear friends – the curious, the creative, the connective…

May I invite you to lift the veil of the intimate and private world of art collecting with me?

This newsletter is a space in which I play host to you: sharing the art that drew in my breath and generated the quietude of awe.

As an art advisor, I am welcomed into the inner sanctuaries of extraordinary lives. Collectors tell me their stories and their visions, and allow me, in turn, to present them with artwork that reflects their story and their values.

My projects are confidential. But the art I get to experience daily, as I work on my projects, is my greatest pleasure to share. I indulge in hours on the phone with art dealers each week, receiving catalogues of art and great insights from Brazil, France, South Africa, Shanghai… allowing me to forever travel through cultural, mental, emotional, human landscapes.

My intention is connection: you with your own experience, you with artists who are vividly alive in their expression, you with the fundamental shared experience of being in a body. May that bring well-being and peace… and the delicious pleasure of aliveness!
Hsaio Chin’s practice is a meditation on the existence of our universe, and the passage between energy unmanifested and its emergence into our reality. For the collector that meditates, this is the work she meditates with. For the collector that ponders quantum mechanics, this is the work that reminds him that the mystery is visible in human expression.
“There is no death – but just non-presence.”

Illuminated Heart II, 1963, 20 x 24 in, Acrylic on canvas, Courtesy 3812 Gallery

“A woman’s voice is revolution.” Amer masterfully pulls at the threads of cultural dualities—feminine and masculine, craft and art, abstraction and figuration, East and West—with sensitivity and specificity. Here within is written “A woman’s voice is revolution”, in Arabic script, in a form recalling a QR code. This work is for the collector who sees women’s rights as a global present issue, and knows that she is a part of the collective empowerment.

A WOMAN’S VOICE, 2023, Cotton appliqué on canvas, 80 x 81 1/2 inches, Courtesy Marianne Boesky Gallery

This work is for the collector who chooses to remember the woven patterns of our nations and personal ancestry. An unexpected antidote to the endless updates of today’s wars: an introduction of the persistence of time.
This is a portrait of the most intimate and interpersonal moment of war: a moment that immediately lurches feeling within us. Why is it worth living with? So that we do not numb; so that we may better reflect on the collective human condition, and our role in it.

Stories for Children: Page 3, Leaving for battle, 2023, Hand embroidered on cotton organdie, 19.7 x 27.6 in., STD 3/3, Courtesy Goodman Gallery


This work is for all of us who feel political choice within our bodies– and the bodies of those we love. We choose to stand up. We affirm that Choice Is Sexy. McLennon Pen Co. Gallery, in collaboration with Marilyn Minter and Exhibition A, is hosting this exhibition in Austin with proceeds directly benefiting Planned Parenthood. Choice Is Sexy seeks to create a community and a safe space to advocate for reproductive rights.

I HEART U, 2023, Archival inkjet, 9 3/8 x 7 inches, Edition of 10, Copyright The ArtistCourtesy McLennon Pen Co.
Dear devourer of art history, and the luscious layeredness of dialogue across time. Great traveling woman, who knows how her skin and her culture define the interpretation of her identity with all she meets. Your gaze is met, your playfulness meets your power in this photograph.

Sunil Gupta, Untitled #3 from the series The New Pre-Raphaelites, 2008/2021, Archival inkjet print, 27 7/8 x 42 in, Edition of 7 plus 2 artist’s proofs. Courtesy Hales Gallery
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